Resource utilization and sustainable development - Urban Planning and Governance - Public Administration and Policy

Titre de la Thèse : The driving force, process simulation and spatial effect of value co-creation of carbon sink in agricultural land

  • Ecole doctorale : Visiting student from Huazhong Agricultural University)
  • Direction : ACCATINO Francesco (INRAE) and LI Hongbo (HZAU)
  • Financement : China Scholarship Council and National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 41871179)
  • Début de la thèse : 01/10/2021

Résumé : 

The marketization of the value of carbon sinks in agricultural land is faced with the dilemma of the dissipation of the ecological rent. To reach a deeper understanding and consensus on the value of carbon sinks among micro-entities, and to guide and stimulate the initiatives of stakeholders involved in carbon sink products, it is the key to establish an effective coordination mechanism between individual behavior of "economic rational" and collective behavior of "ecologically rational". Based on the theory of value co-creation, this research makes a comprehensive and detailed study of the motivation, process, and effect of the value co-creation of carbon sink of agricultural land. The main contents of the study include: ①to clarify the multi-level logic relationship between the value co-creation motivation of heterogeneous multi-agent and its influencing factors; ②to build an integrated model of system dynamics, multi-agent, and cellular automata, to explore the evolution process from individual simple behavior to group complex cooperative behavior, and to reveal the internal mechanism and process of cooperative behavior; ③to evaluate the geospatial effect of co-creation of agricultural land carbon sink value.

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