Srđan Šimac

Srđan Šimac, Juriste. Managing conflicts as a precondition for successful business

Mardi 23 Mai 2017

Managing conflicts as a precondition for successful business

Srđan Šimac, Juriste

Abstract: Conflicts are natural part of life and business. Every conflict is useful because it is the signal that something is not functioning and at the same time, it is a call on action in order to remove nonfunctional parts and behaviors and to improve the relationship or the system. Various methods of solving conflict and disputes exist within business world. Nowadays among them, step by step mediation takes more and more important place. Learning how to replace confrontation in a conflict with cooperation and how to replace the unproductive focus on the personal interests with the concern for the common interests, are the first steps in conflict resolution. Instead of looking the conflicts as problems, business people should embrace them as business opportunity for growth, development, learning and improvement. Find out from the extensive experience of the speaker as a judge and mediator and as the person who is very close with business and resolution of its conflicts/disputes, why nobody within the business world couldn't afford to ignore existence of mediation any more, and how mediation can help them and you in de-escalation of all kind of conflicts and in finding their long-lasting solutions.

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